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  • Welcome to U-Protec Earthing!
U-Protec Earthing Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturer, Supplier Of Earthing Electrodes & Earthing Products

U-Protec Earthing was formed in 2016 with only one objective of becoming a specialist in earthing product manufacturing. U-Protec Earthing started by manufacturing GI Electrodes, Earthpit Covers, and Backfill Compounds, Since that time we never look back and now we are working with 100+ contractors, and builders in Pune and all over India.

We have grown many folds to become one of the largest and best earthing products manufacturing houses in Pune

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Our Range Of Products
GI Earthing Electrode

GI Earthing Electrodes

GI earthing electrode helps to conduct fault current safely to the ground and protect people
Śfrom current shock due
to lightning.

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Copper Bonded Earthing Electrode

Copper Bonded Earthing Electrodes

Pure electrolytic copper is uniformly molecularly bonded
to a high strength steel
core with a minimum
thickness of 0.254mm

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Back Fill Compound

Back Fill Compound

A backfill compound comprises an extent of Back Fill Compound that is dampness holding dirt used as an earth terminal refill to help lower soil resistivity.

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ESE Lightning Arrester

ESE Lightning Arresters

A lightning arrester, also known as a lightning isolator, is a device used on electric power transmission and telecommunication systems

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